Red Rock Properties Reviews

Almost everyone knows several local real estate agents but selling your Tucson Arizona house to a direct cash buyer like Red Rock Properties may be a new concept for most. See how we’ve helped other local property owners sell with confidence, for a fair price, on your own schedule without traditional real estate hassles and fees.

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I didn’t think anyone would buy this house.

My uncle had a house that he bought and planned to fix up and make it his own, unfortunately he passed away and I ended up inheriting it. The house was abandoned for a little over 10 years and no work was ever really done to it. I don’t have the type of money or interest in order to fix it up. So, I decided to sell it, I called this company, and they quickly made me an offer. I really wasn’t expecting anyone to be interested in this house due to it needing so much work, but I can say I got a more than fair offer and it was all cash too. They saw a diamond in the rough and I now have one less headache.

Fixer upper Az
- Trevor S.

Tucson, Az

Saved me from foreclosure.

I was in a really tough spot; I had lost my job due to layoffs and slowly all my bills started to pile up. I was now in a position where I no longer could afford my mortgage. I had previously spoken to agents in my area and unfortunately due to the fact that I had only bought my house 2yrs ago I did not have enough equity where an agent could help me sell my house, after speaking with multiple agents in my area it was clear that I would have to come out of pocket in order to sell my house and cover commissions and selling fees. I decided to call the number on the flier I got and see what options they had available. After speaking with them they helped me get out of the foreclosure process, keep my credit intact, and I walked away with $6000 in my pocket. I’m grateful for the help they provided and being understanding through the whole process.

Foreclosure Tucson
- Tiffany L.

Tucson, Az

Sold on my timeline.

I had previously worked with Keyven when he helped me sell a vacant lot I had. I decided to give him another shot since he showed me he was the real deal. I needed to sell my home and move into a house I inherited from my parents, but I needed time to move out all my stuff from the past 25 years. He promptly came out and check out my house, I know I had a lot of clutter and things to move. Keyven gave me constant reassurance that any items I did not want move or deal with I could leave behind. I initially thought I could move my things in two weeks but with this heat in Tucson it ended up being a month and a half, but Keyven was understanding, and we finally closed at the end of august.

Home in need of repairs
- Mary S.

Tucson, Az

Sold my mobile home fast.

I needed to sell my mobile home quickly since I was moving but I didn’t want to deal with agents and waiting for my house to sell. I contacted Keyven through a flier I got in the mail and called him up. The next day he came and checked out my house. After discussing my situation with him we agreed on a price. At first, I was a little skeptical, but we worked everything out with a local title company, and two weeks later we closed, and I got my money right away. The best of all was that there weren’t any hidden fees, no agent commissions, no inspections and I didn’t have to clean out or make any repairs to the house. Give him a shout and he’ll take care of you.

Need to sell your mobile home fast in Az?
- Brandon H.

Tucson, Az

It was quick and easy.

I had to sell my house while being out of state and I thought it was going to be a lot more difficult than what it ended up being. I had to move to Texas 5yrs ago due to my mother having health issues and I ended up renting my house to a family friend and recently I decided it was time to sell, but the house now needed major repairs, the tenant stopped making payments and I just knew it was time to move on. I reached out to a real estate agent that advised me to spend money $20,0000 on repairs in order to list it on the market. Needless to say, that wasn’t an option. I then contacted Keyven and we spoke on the phone, he made it easy for me by explaining the process, he made me fair offer and even handled the tenant moving out. Keyven kept his word and took care of everything.

- Frances L.

Tucson, Az